effects of divorce on childrenPervasive sense of loss
   Generally, children express feelings of sadness.

   “I may show signs of depression such as sleeplessness, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating.”

Most children worry that their basic needs will not be met.

   “I may worry I will be abandoned or left alone. I worry about money and my parents’ emotional and physical health.”

   I may feel rejected by one or both parents.

   Children frequently long for the absent parent.

Lack of Attention
   “I may feel that I will receive less attention from both parents during divorce.”

   Children’s behavior often reflects an increased sense of tension and anger, which may directed at either parent.

Conflicted loyalties
   Many parents compete for their children’s affection and loyalty. “I walk a tightrope, fearful that fun and closeness with one parent might be a betrayal of the other parent.”