Families go through a variety of changes. Yet, throughout the change you remain a family. And, as both issues are present so are emotions.  It is often helpful to have an outside person, with experience and insight to guide all participants through the steps.

While most families are successful in moving through changes, sometimes court intervention is required. Whether a family is dealing with adoption, divorce, or reunification, court involvement is part of the process. It is important that the issues and dynamics within the family and each individual are valued.

In completing a divorce, a parenting plan is required. The plan asks the parties to outline decision making, communication style, contact schedule, and a means to resolve conflict. No family is the same, and no one knows your family better than you. Working together with the support of a professional helps to create a plan ideally suited for your family and the phases of your children’s development.

Some divorces are more volatile and guidance is required to help parties stay the course using logic and reason. You may need to assess your own skill set and work with counsel as you deal with the dynamics of discord.

Even a pleasant addition by way of adoption or the creation of a blended family through remarriage may put strains on individual members.

The professional is often asked to assess the level of functioning of the parties and make appropriate recommendations. If there has been a disruption in the relationship between a parent and a child, it may be necessary to develop a plan for re-introduction or reunification.

With involvement of a clinician, supervised sessions and supervised visits can move into structured time together.

It is important to remember the court moves on to its next case, but you and your family are then in charge of your own destiny.

counseling for families, family therapy
counseling for families, family therapy
counseling for families, family therapy