reassure children dealing with divorceDO NOT:

– Offer false hopes of reconciliation
– Put me in the middle of adult conflicts or ask me to act as messenger or spy
– Threaten me with abandonment
– Make more changes than necessary in my life during the divorce
– Seek primary emotional support from me. Do not ask me to serve as best friend, counselor or confidant.
– Make negative comments about the other parent, the other parent’s lifestyle or new partner


– Reassure me that I did not cause the breakup
– Maintain adult and parental roles
– Allow me to express negative feelings about the breakup in non-destructive ways
­- Provide as much stability and continuity in my life as possible
– Reassure me that I will be safe and cared for
– Let me know that I am loved and wanted
– Seek emotional support from other adults such as friends, professionals, and community resources